stations of the cross
The Catholic Community at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, located in Holly Lake Ranch Texas, and the Tyler Diocese of East Texas, is celebrating the completion of its Meditation Garden located behind the Church Hall. The Meditation Garden has come about due to financial contributions from Church members, and the end-less hours worked by a select number of Knights (Holy Spirit Council #15174) to design and complete construction of this project. The hours volunteered by the Knights saved many thousands of dollars in completing the Garden.

The meditation garden consists of the stations of the Cross, three flower gardens, and a unique cross at the garden's entrance. A number of benches are in the garden to allow individuals to enjoy quiet moments of personal meditation on their own. The stations of the cross are positioned in the garden to allow the stations to be said at any time, and especially during the Lenten Season. Daily Mass can also be said on selected occasions at the Garden's entrance in front of the Cross.

The meditation garden at Holy Spirit Catholic Church is very special. It reflects the Catholic resolve of the members of Holy Spirit Church, and the dedication of the Knights of Columbus to strengthen our Christian faith. The meditation garden represents a public display of our Catholic Faith in east Texas, along with the strength of our Christian families in our communities.

Bishop Joseph Strickland from the Tyler Diocese officially blessed and dedicated the Meditation Garden on May 6th 2015.

View Photos of the Meditation Garden below: