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  • Election Day Adoration

    Our nation needs prayer during these tumultuous times now more than ever. God chastises those He loves, but He is merciful too. We can plead for Him to keep destruction from us just as He did for Abraham with Lot in Sodom. Just as He did for Hezekiah by granting him 15 more years of life. We can ask our Blessed Mother to intercede for us on election day just as she did at the Battle of Lepanto and the Wedding Feast of Cana.

    We need to pray that legal voting is upheld and preserved and that the polls are places of peace. We can pray that people are motivated to get out and vote and that candidates show civility no matter the outcome. We must pray that God blesses America.

    Can you give an hour to pray for our nation?

    1. You may choose as many 30 minute time slots as you like by clicking on the checkbox next to the time you would like to pray.
    2. After placing checkmarks in your time slots, click "Submit and Sign Up"
    3. Only your name is required, but if you put an email, you will get a reminder on Monday prior to the election
    4. If you feel that do not have time for one hour of prayer, you should probably spend two hours in prayer.

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